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The Best Downtown Seattle Restaurants, from the Hyatt

(Thanks Jennifer Huerta for compiling this incredibily helpful list, this blog is now complete!)

Restaurant: Sitka & Spruce |
Restaurant Description:  This restaurant sources high integrity ingredients from Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.  The menu is inspired by the products and flavors of Moorish influenced Spain, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Persia, supported by traditional rustic staples found in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.   All the products used are of substantial quality, mostly sustainable production, and researched thoroughly.
Price Range: $10-25
Contact: 206.324.0662, 1531 Melrose Ave. E
Distance from Hotel:  .5 mile
Directions from Hotel: Head southwest on Pine St toward 7th Ave, Take the 1st left onto 7th Ave, Take the 1st left onto Pike St, Turn left at Melrose Ave.  Restaurant is on the left.

Restaurant: Café Campagne |
Restaurant Description:  “I could close my eyes and imagine I was in any café in Paris,” Jeremiah Tower, the renowned chef, is quoted to have said on his first visit to Café Campagne.  “Endearing,” “charming,” “quaint,” “bohemian,” are just a few of the words critics have used to describe Campagne’s younger sibling.  Café Campagne embraces many moods, many tastes, many budgets. Discover Café Campagne for yourself, and fall in love with your own petite slice of France.
Price Range: $10-$25
Contact: 206.728.2233, 1600 Post Alley at Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Distance from Hotel:  .4 miles- 10 minute walk
Directions from Hotel: Walking or a very short cab ride.  Head southwest on Pine St toward 7th Ave Destination will be on the right

Restaurant: Salty’s on Alki |
Restaurant Description:  Terrific food. Live music. Sensational bar. Flawless service. Picture-perfect views from virtually every table. Dramatic sunsets. Busy ferries. Curious seals and raucous seagulls. Every dining moment brings an energetic and captivating view of life in and around the Seattle waterfront. It's our recipe for the perfect dining experience. Come dressed up or casual. If you want to capture the Seattle Skyline, this is the place.
Price Range: $15-$75
Contact: 206.937.1600, 1936 Harbor Avenue. S.W. Seattle, WA 98126
Distance from Hotel:  5.7 mi – about 12 minutes
Directions from Hotel: Head southwest on Pine St toward 7th Ave, Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto 5th Ave, Turn right at Columbia St, Keep left at the fork, Take the ramp onto WA-99 S, Take the exit toward W Seattle Bridge, Merge onto W Seattle Bridge, Take the exit toward Harbor Ave SW, Turn right at Harbor Ave SW Destination will be on the right.

Restaurant: Serious Pie |
Restaurant Description:  NO RESERVATIONS! Gourmet pizzas, casual setting. Restaurant boasts a 600 degree stone-encased applewood-burning oven, house made charcuterie, and artisan cheeses from around the world.
Price Range: $10-20
Contact: 206.838.7388, 316 Virginia
Distance from Hotel:  .5 mile
Directions from Hotel: Head southwest on Pine St toward 7th Ave, Turn right at 3rd Ave, Take the 2nd right onto Virginia St. Restaurant is on the left. Destination will be on the left.

Restaurant: Purple Café |
Restaurant Description: A multifaceted food and wine concept that merges casual sophistication with an upbeat metropolitan style. We feature a global wine selection coupled with a menu that blends classic American styles with seasonal northwest ingredients. The atmosphere is often described as an urban retreat with rustic elements.
Price Range: $10-$35
Contact: 206.829.2280, 1225 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Distance from Hotel:  .5 miles- 10 minute walk
Directions from Hotel: Walking or a very short cab ride.  Depart Pine St toward 7th Ave , Turn left onto 5th Ave, Turn right onto Seneca, Turn right onto 4th Ave

Restaurant: Pink Door |
Restaurant Description: Along the quaint Post Alley of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, the Pink Door tempts with homespun Italian-American food.    All dishes draw upon the freshness and seasonal bounty of farms here in the Northwest.  From the conversation that flows as liberally as the Barolo, to the provocative – always free – live entertainment, the Pink Door offers a warm, lively respite from the ordinary world. 
Price Range: $15-25
Contact: (206) 443-3241, 1919 Post Alley
Distance from Hotel:  .5 miles
Directions from Hotel: Head west (toward the water) on Pine Street to First Avenue.   Turn right on Pine and continue down to Stewart Street.  Turn left on Stewart then left on Post Alley.  The restaurant is on the right side – there is no sign saying, “Pink Door” however, there is a pink metal door. 

Restaurant: The Four Swallows |
Restaurant Description:  Seeking a different dining adventure? Take the 30-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island and discover The Four Swallows.  A few walkable blocks from the ferry landing, this lovely restaurant is located in an historic farmhouse where the staff is inviting and convivial. A seasonal menu changes daily, offering a small selection of dishes ranging from fresh-off-the-boat scallops to grilled Carlton Farms pork chop paired with sweet-savory red onion marmalade.  Pastas and pizzas along with decadent desserts round out the visit.
Price Range: $15-35
Contact:  (206) 842-3397, 481 Madison Ave. N., Bainbridge Island*
Distance from Hotel:  10 miles
Directions from Hotel: To get to the ferry terminal:  take Pine Street west (toward the water).  At 4th Avenue turn left and follow it to Madison Street.  Turn right and continue down Madison to 1st Avenue.  There is a pedestrian overpass at 1st and Madison that will take you directly into the ferry terminal.  Once on Bainbridge Island, leave the ferry terminal and follow Olympic Dr. to Winslow Way.  Turn right on Winslow Way then right at Madison Ave. The restaurant is on the left side of the street, next door to the Pavilion Movie Theater.

*Please leave extra time for commuting and check with the concierge for a ferry schedule.

Restaurant: Crush |
Restaurant Description: Owned and operated by Chef Jason Smith.  Modern Northwest cuisine pairing exceptionally fresh ingredients with careful preparation.  Large wine list. Perfect place for foodies. 
Price Range:  $20-$75
Contact: (206) 302-7874, 2319 E Madison Street
Distance from Hotel:  1.8 Miles
Directions from Hotel: Depart 8th Ave toward Olive Way, Turn right onto Olive Way, Turn right onto Boren Ave, Turn left onto Pike St, Road name changes to E Pike St, Bear left onto E Madison St, Arrive at 2319 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112 on the right (The last intersection is 23rd Ave, If you reach 24th Ave E, you've gone too far)

Restaurant: Wild Ginger | Wild Ginger
Restaurant Description:  (From the Website) The food at Wild Ginger spans the eastern Pacific Rim from China to Indonesia, and Malaysia to Vietnam. We pride ourselves on following traditional recipes from these distinctive regions and insist on house-made ingredients. Chefs make fresh coconut milk, spicy chili sambals, delicate egg noodles and our pungent oyster sauce all from scratch. To achieve the sublime flavors of the East there is no substitute for the time-honored customs of these rich and ancient cultures.
Price Range: $5-$25
Contact: (206) 623-4450, 1401 3rd Ave
Distance from Hotel:  0.5 miles
Direction from Hotel:  Head southeast on 8th Ave toward Pine St, Turn right at Pike St, Turn left at 3rd Ave (20 minute walk)

Restaurant: Black Bottle |
Restaurant Description:  Black Bottle is right in the heart of Belltown. Good place for drinks and appetizers such as curried potatoes, flatbreads (proscuiutto is wonderful), steak bites & my personal favorite, the broccoli which sounds strange but is delish.
Price Range: $5-$15
Contact: 2600 First Ave, 206.441.1500
Distance from Hotel:  .95 miles
Directions from Hotel: SW on Pine Street &take a right onto First Avenue, Black Bottle is on your right

Restaurant: Ettas |
Restaurant Description:  This is a famous Seattle Tom Douglas restaurant. Great views of the sounds and short walk to the Pike Place market. Known for their seafood (crab cakes are not to be missed!). They also have a wonderful breakfast, the Dungeness crab eggs Benedict is my all time favorite.
Price Range: $10-$26
Contact: 206.443.6000, 2020 Western Avenue
Distance from Hotel:  .59 miles
Directions from Hotel: Head southwest on Pine Street, right on Pike Place, left on Virginia Street, right onto Western Avenue, Etta’s is on the right

Restaurant: Smash Wine Bar & Restaurant |
Restaurant Description: Opened in April 2006, Smash Wine Bar & Bistro is a Wallingford establishment where wine and food collide. Smash features an array of wine and cheese flights, bistro bites and entrees, 45 different glass wine pours (including 3 and 6 oz. tastes), and their signature "Smashtini" martini menu.
Price Range: $10-25
Contact: 206.547.3232, 1401 North 45th Street
Distance from Hotel:  4 miles
Directions from Hotel: Take a cab from the hotel to 45th and Interlake Ave N (in the Wallingford neighborhood).   

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