Monday, February 7, 2011

The Emerald City – Green in Seattle

With a nickname like The Emerald City, you know Seattle has some fun opportunities to go green while you’re in town. You can start your visit by taking light rail from the airport. Use Skybridge # 6 at the airport to catch the light rail to the Westlake station (about 2 blocks away from the hotel). And, a bargain, too, at only $2.50 each way!

And, with all the different forms of public transportation, you can explore Seattle and beyond without a car or taxi ride. During the day (6am-7pm), downtown Seattle’s central business district is a “ride free” zone for most buses. Bus stops are marked with a "Ride Free" sign.

For those who prefer to go by foot, there’s a public art walking tour or a clock walk.
If you want to count your miles, use this handy round-trip waterfront walking/ jogging map. When you’re done with your walk, you can grab a coffee at Caffé Ladro, where the brew is organic, shade grown, and fair trade certified. The closest location to the hotel is on the next block at 801 Pine Street.

Foodies (or those who just love good food) can take a walking food and cultural tour that focuses on tasting fresh, local, organic, seasonal, and sustainable foods and beverages. Or see what’s on the menu at some of the organic restaurants in Downtown Seattle or other neighborhoods in the area. Photo by Mira Harford

To try yet another form of public transportation, a fun getaway is to take a water taxi (running weekday mornings and early evenings) from the downtown Seattle waterfront to West Seattle. From there, you can visit Alki Beach Park for a nice long walk with great views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. You can also make your way “up the hill” for a meal at Mashiko, Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi bar. Free Metro DART shuttles run on weekday mornings and early evenings between local neighborhoods and the Water Taxi. Route 775 serves the Admiral District and Alki Beach Park. Route 773 will get you to the West Seattle Junction and Mashiko. This Route Map provides an overview of the shuttle routes.

While you’re out exploring or having a snack, don’t miss the solar trash compactors and recycling bins on the street corners. Seattle sure makes it easy to be green!

What will you be doing green in Seattle? You can comment on the blog or contribute to the discussion on the online community.

Content provided courtesy of the G4 Team. The G4 (GMN Grantmaking Gone Green) Team’s mission is to identify and promote environmentally sustainable practices by grantmakers.

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